LoveCityLove is an experiment that synthesizes space. We provide a multidisciplinary hub rooted in social justice and creative expression.



“OPENING a large urban environment to free form street-level expression isn’t a new idea. Plenty of people imagine a creative sandbox set inside a beautiful old building in the heart of the city. These things rarely materialize. Space and resources are painfully hard to come by, and the gap between a pipe dream and a signed lease is vast. But the timing, scale and visibility of LOVECITYLOVE are unprecedented and its execution has been flawless. It’s an of-the-moment reinvention ; and it’s working.”

– Jonathan Zwickel, CityArts Magazine 





Watch the Seattle skyline today. Then watch it tomorrow. In the blink of an eye, it changes. The city we lived and worked in just ten years ago is truly unrecognizable. This growth, fueled in part by the meteoric expansion of a handful of larger corporations, is the private developer’s dream. Rents and housing prices are some of the highest  in the nation. Those with resources can find an endless supply of investment opportunities in Seattle and an equal number of new commercial outlets to enjoy the windfall.

The primary focus is economic. We’re left with an explosion of new office buildings, condos, and commercial spaces whose core motive is profitability. The fallout? We find ourselves separated more by class, race, and socio-economic levels. The urban environment feels increasingly sterile. Culture becomes an afterthought. And spontaneous, collective artistic expression and the experience of blending with all walks of life are limited only to the streets where raw and nuanced life is always happening.

LOVECITYLOVE is taking this raw life that has always happened on the streets throughout time, across culture and in every major city in the world, and nurturing it within safe, beautiful spaces adjacent to the frenetic development all around us. In neighborhoods where upscale housing development, bars and macaroon shops have claimed the landscape, LOVECITYLOVE emerged as a blank canvas for the creative community to convene. We believe continuing to make space for this alternative is not only possible but crucial to keeping unadulterated art alive and thereby the increase in cultural capitol and brand equity of the city at large.

The project’s purpose is:
To be more intentional about creating an authentic culture that gives space for emerging artistic collaborations, for people of all ages, backgrounds and economic means to experience and participate in artistic experiences that weave us together as a unified whole. To create a vessel for the emerging artist in all of us to grow, learn and expand beyond what we think is possible and pursue creative ambitions in a holistic, sustainable way. To build a culture that gives us an alternative to the digital world so we remain fertile to new ideas, broader perspectives, and the visceral experience of our own humanity.



LOVECITYLOVE has already established itself as a cultural catalyst in five buildings in Seattle’s core. These include the Melrose building on Melrose and Pine, the CK Graphics Building at Pike & Summit, the Azteca on Eastlake, 7th & Cherry and The Artificial Limb building on 14th and Pike. By activating these otherwise vacant and looming spaces, the audience for LOVECITYLOVE’s open and inclusive format has grown rapidly and received significant attention. In all five venues, LOVECITYLOVE hosted art shows and pop-up shops from local artists and designers, produced on-going music and dance collaborations drawing hundreds of people every week, and showcased the work of young artists and entrepreneurs in spaces they would not otherwise have access to. The energy and excitement is palpable, as collaborations and projects emerge amongst unlikely players, and as more people gravitate to these uniquely raw spaces.

The project generates income through photo shoots, space rentals, curatorial contracts and other paying clients who are drawn to the beauty and aesthetic vibration of LOVECITYLOVE’s talented staff and curators. In-house programming holds to the principle of supporting every individual in the space to stay conscious and awake to the exchange and cultural possibilities between them.